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Quality at Dasa

Quality policy


Dasa Control Systems develops and manufactures control systems for heavy vehicles. Our customers are mainly manufacturers within the forest industry, construction, and material handling.


The quality work at Dasa is an integrated part of the organization. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied, external as well as internal. We achieve this by being responsive, reliable and innovative to meet customer needs.


Our product development process is based on a close cooperation with our customers in order to fulfill their requirements and to be able to offer them an attractive range of products. Meeting their requirements within durability, environmental tolerance, laws, standards, functionality and user friendliness are our main priorities.


We are working with continuous improvements in order to improve the quality of our products and to create a well functioning organization with efficient and reliable workflows. Data from constant follow ups of product quality and customer satisfaction help us make priorities of action internally as well as towards our suppliers.


We take care of the knowledge and experience of our co-workers and are keen to the changes that can improve our organization. Personal development dialogue, personal questionnaires and a constant open dialogue make an excellent basis for development of the competence and the processes within the organization.


We strive to always deliver the right product at the right time, with the right quality and we follow the current laws and regulations.


Certificate ISO 9001:2008


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