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Dasa Control Systems at Elmia Wood 2017! ​

Forester is the 6th generation system from Dasa and draws on the company's experiences from previous generation systems. When the first two products Forester H70 and H60 were developed, it was undertaken in close cooperation with leading manufacturers of harvesters, forwarders and logging units. The result is a product that takes bucking and mechanized logging to an entirely new level. The Forester H70/H60 features a best in class bucking system in a modern programming environment, making the situation clear and easily manageable for the operator.  The system has full support for the new standard for reporting and monitoring, StanForD2010. 

Now it’s time for the next products in the Forester family to make their debut; Forester H50 will be premiered at Elmia Wood 2017 and will further expand the range of world class bucking solutions from Dasa Control Systems! When StanForD2010 reporting is not required the Forester H50 offers an intuitive and easy to use bucking system enabling productive tree harvesting in a multitude of applications. The focus has been on simplifying installation and operation while facilitating troubleshooting and servicing. Again, we have involved leading manufacturers early on in our product development process to secure the right content and capabilities in the final product. Forester H50 will be on hand at the exhibition for prospect customers to experience the newcomer in the Forester family - the little brother to H70/H60 does carry some punch!

In the Forester family there will also be another premiere; Forester F30 is an intuitive and productive modular software solution for Forwarders. The Forester F30 is StanForD2010 compliant and offers tailored efficient functionality for the forwarder operator’s daily tasks.
In addition to Forester H50/F30, Dasa Control Systems will also launch its new solution for fleet management and remote monitoring of equipment performance. At Elmia Wood 2017 Dasa will launch its new family of solutions for connected, intelligent equipment and visualization of health and production via either a desktop computer or your mobile device of choice; enter Dasa Connect

Dasa has Telematics as one of three prioritized solution areas and in the new Dasa Connect a dedicated focus have been put on visualization, analysis and decision making support. Just collecting and storing lots and lots of data is not the important thing, the key lies in converting data into information and knowledge. Collecting and visualizing data from remotely connected units enable powerful opportunities to add business value for a multitude of stakeholders; Machine manufacturers (OEMs), dealers, machine owners, site managers, service providers etc.  This is made possible through a stable and secure remote connection alongside a cloud based telematics server application to deliver business value adapted to each primary stakeholder’s individual needs. Dasa Connect will be on display at Elmia Wood 2017 illustrating the power of connected solutions to facilitate even greater understanding and return on investment of your production equipment!

Furthermore, alongside Forester H50/F30 and Connect Dasa Control Systems will also exhibit news from its newly expanded hardware product range, including controllers, display units, keypads and rotary dials for use in CAN based mobile hydraulic machine and equipment control. 

We welcome you very much indeed to come visit our stand 812.

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