dasa4, bucking computer and control system

The system dasa4 is no longer available for new sales.

Spare parts for dasa4 will, however, be available for several more years.
dxPc is a mobile PC with a Windows operating system. It administers the entire system, takes care of all communications to the operator and stores all information, e.g. statistics and instructions. The AU computer is equipped with touchscreen controls, which make for great ease of operation.


The control computer (d4CU) and the I/0 units (d418 and d408 respectively) are usually situated on the vehicle and are connected directly to the solenoid valves and senders. All calculations which are necessary for bucking and commanding the vehicle's control logic, are performed by the CU computer.


The system can be run with various types of keypads for different types of control sticks. The keypads are connected to the d4KU unit where discrete signals are translated to CAN Bus messages.


The AU computer. the CU computer and the KU units are all connected to the same CAN Bus via the D4BU unit, which also houses the power supply input and the system's automatic circuit breakers.


It is also possible to connect a 08 unit to the BU unit in the cab for the control of valves situated on the base vehicle, e.g. for pressure actuation.


The dasa system can control up to 56 outputs, analogue and/or digital, and can receive signals from up to 16 senders, analogue and/or digital.

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