Program logic

Value bucking/proportional bucking with optimization of timber value from price list. Support for Finnish methods, and also German HKS.


Alternatively Priority bucking with measurement of priority lengths/diameters. Handling of felling stands with provision for partial completions.


Volumes are reported according to StanFord or HKS volume types and debarking takes place according to VMF or HKS. Volumes can be displayed on screen, be printed, copied to datamedia or be transferred via wireless datalink. Trunk data can be shown graphically or as a table.

Calibration is carried out by digital caliper, or manually by recording actual values. Calibration can take place separately for each variety of tree, or jointly. Separate length calibration can also take place for the first log.

Driver management with log-in for authorization and driver-specific language and settings.

Units of measurement
The system uses the metric system (m, cm, mm), but some information can be displayed and reported in Imperial measurements (feet and inches), e.g. displays in driving mode and for production statistics.


  • File copying is carried out instantaneously by means of a touchscreen and special software
  • Email can be sent and received via GSM using the touchscreen and its special software
  • Language handling through separate language database
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