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Development tools

Is run on a PC and used for the development of the ready-to-go dasa5 application to control specific types of vehicle. Previous PC programming knowledge is not required. d5Developer has four sub-functions.


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Configuration of the system with descriptions of component units, I/O definitions, definition of variables and control logic definitions.
Creates a user interface for the operator, screen images for the display of operational information and images for settings and analysis. This is where the connection takes place between generated control codes and the various display objects, which can be in the form of text, images, symbols or dynamic objects such as gauges.
Used for analyzing a number of selected variables. The results are displayed in the form of a logic analyzer. The tool is very useful both for testing a company's proprietary control codes, and also for analysis and fault finding.
This tool is an aid for the simple compilation and packaging of installation files with all the necessary content for software installations.
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