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Dasa takes bucking to an entirely new level

Forester is the latest generation system for optimised logging from Dasa Control Systems AB. The name Forester, associates with sustainable forest management and optimum yield for forestry stakeholders.


Forester is the 6th generation system from Dasa and draws on the company's experiences from previous generation systems. Development was undertaken in close cooperation with leading manufacturers of harvesters, forwarders and logging units. The result is a product that takes bucking and mechanised logging to an entirely new level.

The Forester product range will shortly be joined by system solutions including:


  • The Forester H-series bucking system for harvesters
  • The Forester F-series production system for forwarders
  • The Forester Navi navigation system for harvesters and forwarders
  • The Forester Monitor operation monitoring system for forwarders and harvesters
  • The Forester Care telematics system for communication and monitoring machinery



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