Forwarder computer

Dasa's forwarder computer makes work in the forest significantly more efficient - both for you, the machine owner, and for your forestry client. More and more forestry companies now require their contractors to use forwarder computers.
Dasa's forwarder computers comprise a processing unit mounted in the forwarder along with several optional applications which integrate with the vehicle.

dxPC is Dasa's mobile pc adapted for the demanding heavy vehicle environment. The computer comprises a 12" colour touch-screen display, a robust processing unit encased in a hardy aluminium case, and a keyboard and trackball adapted to the working environment.
ForwarderVolume is a program which registers quantity, volume, weight and geographical position for various assortments or stacks. If a GPS antenna is connected to the computer, position references will be automatically stored in ForwarderVolume.

OperationMonitor generates production statistics for the forwarder. If the vehicle is unproductive for a certain period of time, the program asks the reason for the downtime. The program can also collect information regarding volumes produced per driver during productive time and store it in a database.

OperationReport reads .drf files and displays information on screen or via printout, according to choice.

GeoInfo has a number of functions for smart navigation. Elements such as planning, orientation and reporting become considerably more effective.

Get in touch with your vehicle supplier today and ask about Dasa forwarder computers - it will be well worth your while...
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