Vehicle control
Forestry applications


Dasa Control Systems at Elmia Wood 2017! ​

At Elmia Wood 2017 Dasa will showcase its industry leading range of products and solutions for the Forestry industry.  



Dasa takes bucking to an entirely new level!


Forester is Dasa Control Systems new generation system for optimised logging. The name Forester, associates with sustainable forest management and optimum yield for forestry stakeholders.

Smart Dashboard

Dasa launches a new concept for display solutions in heavy vehicles. In this concept Dasa is integrating

Control and Supervision of all functions in a unified environment with one or multiple color displays.

​Exciting news from Dasa Control Systems 2017

Now it’s time for the next products in the Forester family to make their debut; Forester H50 will be premiered at Elmia Wood 2017 and will further expand the range of world class bucking solutions from Dasa Control Systems! When StanForD2010 reporting is not required the Forester H50 offers an intuitive and easy to use bucking system enabling productive tree harvesting in a multitude of applications.
Mobile Control System with intelligent and rugged CAN-nodes gives flexible and cost effective wiring
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