dasa5, control and communications systems

dasa5, a control and communications system for heavy vehicles, developed for the demanding vehicle environment. Hardware and software alike meet the requirements of various markets.

The aim with the development of this system has been to manage and control all electrically commanded equipment in a vehicle, such as transmission, engine and direction indicators, and at the same time create a powerful information storage centre for vehicle data for use within analyses, statistics and telematics.



  • A distributed system with small, intelligent nodes which provide for flexible, simple and cost-effective installations.
  • High operational reliability.
  • Can be co-ordinated with other CAN-based systems in a vehicle, e.g. diesel engines via J1939 or other protocols.
  • Storage of selected operational data combined with event-steered data logging.
  • Wireless or Ethernet communications for updating, service, support or transfer of operational data.
  • Language handling through a separate language database.
  • Driver log-in with driver-specific authorization, language, and settings.
  • Open and flexible system solution using standard WIN CE platform.
  • Powerful and simple development tool for configuring, writing control logic, and constructing user interface for the MMI display unit. 
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