Complete control systems for vehicles and mobile applications

Dasa is a leading supplier of advanced computerized control and communications systems for heavy vehicles. We offer complete solutions to manufacturers of vehicles and mobile applications in Sweden and internationally. We base our solutions on standard platforms and adapt them to meet customer demands.

Control system

For us machine control covers both the base machine and built-on applications, i.e. one integrated system that takes care of all functions such as hydraulics, engine and transmission to mention but a few. Although it has a lot to do with CAN and communicating with different subsystems it’s also about configuring and tuning the equipment. A lot of smart functions come as standard on the dasa5 platform along with the capacity to handle advanced customized applications.

We’re strong  operator communications and the man-machine interface (MMI), and we pioneered the use of colour displays and touch screens ­– a flexible solution currently undergoing major development. The intuitive touch screen combined with a powerful computer simplifies operator tasks. Used optimally it provides a unified operator’s environment with a minimum of buttons and controls. Our Smart Dashboard theme expresses our view of tomorrow’s operator communications.
dasa Applications


The dasa5 platform provides strong support for data logging and communications. The platform makes it easy to trace and log time-stamped data for transfer to a telematics server. Maintenance, service and production follow-up applications can be developed to meet specific customer demands at the server level.






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